Navigan Wireless Commissioner for easy configuration of EnOcean controllers

LED lighting is one of the most promising and fast-growing technologies of today. EnOcean is a worldwide radio standard for self-powered switches and sensors. It enables maximum flexibility, comfort, and security in a building. This proven technology is energy efficient and saves time as well as costs. EnOcean offers a comprehensive LED control system in 902 MHz for the North American market based upon innovative self-powered sensors and switches, combined with LED fixture controllers and commissioning tools to simplify installation and setup.

Navigan NWC 500U

Using the Navigan Wireless Commissioner

NWC 500U (902 MHz or North America), installers can easily configure LED controllers over the air in accordance with on-site requirements, define properties and settings as well as edit and store projects.

Download Navigan

Navigan Wireless Commissioner is a helpful software tool to link wireless devices from a laptop computer, for example switches to controllers, and to set parameters in the controller, for example occupancy timers.

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Support: Hotline, Videos & Tutorials
Version: 3.2.104, Release Date: Feb 28, 2023
Navigan Release May 8th 2020
Data Sheet NWC 500U – 902 MHz for North America (PDF)
LEDxU Navigan Parameters (PDF)